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    • 1954

      Wuhu Changjiang pharmaceutical factory (state-owned enterprise, established in 1954)

    • 2001

      The current director, Mr. Guilin, restructured and reorganized the company

    • 2002

      Three dosage forms of the company passed national GMP certification at one time

    • 2006

      The enterprise technology research center has been set up, and the foreign trade has obtained the independent export right

    • 2008

      Anhui Province "pharmaceutical production management, efficiency" double excellent "enterprises and national" high tech enterprises "

    • 2013

      The new version of GMP I was approved in March

    • 2014

      In March, Shuizhen II workshop passed the national new GMP certification

    • 2016

      In August, the solid workshop passed the national new GMP certification

    • 2019

      In July, the company was renamed Anhui Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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